Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is the information that we collect of every user that visits our site, which can be in terms of name, location, email address, phone number, address, fax number, etc. The information we gather helps us customize the user experience and provide honest and sufficient data to the readers. Furthermore, we take into consideration the feedback, suggestions, and comments of our readers to enhance the productivity of our blogs and the experience that our users share to provide an honest review of the information that is provided on our site. Our readers are our top priority; therefore, the information we collect from the users is highly confidential and secured, and they can exclude the information they do not want to share.

Any change or update in our privacy policy will be updated for all our visitors.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small files that are saved to either your browser or the device you are using to access any site. These files improve and customize the quality of the content you see on your computer, and most of the sites use these cookies unless you turn them off or clear them. However, if you clear these cookies or do not allow the respective site to use cookies, you might face some challenges when visiting the site, and you may not be able to avail full functionality of the site.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies play a vital role in making the site fully functional to the visitors. Therefore, disabling the cookies might interfere with the functionality and might cause a hindrance for users to avail all the features of the site.

The visitors are requested to leave all the cookies so that they do not face any problem in availing themselves of all the features and services provided by the site. In addition, the visitor might not know which feature he or she is disabling by disabling the cookies.

Disabling Cookies

The users can disable the cookies in their browser setting; however, they may face difficulty in using this and all the other websites that use cookies to customize their experience on the site. Therefore, the visitors and users are recommended not to disable the cookies so that their experience is well-customized and they easily avail all the services and features offered by the respective site.

The Cookies We Set

We set cookies for the users if they set up an account with us. In that case, we will use cookies to manage their account, its administration, and the signup process. For example, the site might store the cookies to give you a customized experience according to your preferences every time you log in, or they might get deleted when you log out from the site.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are the cookies that are put on the site by third parties, which use the visitor’s information for third parties. These cookies are allowed by the owner of the site by are not used by the owner.

We use third-party cookies that are provided by the most trustworthy third parties and with whom your information is safe and sound. The detail of the third-party cookies is mentioned below:

•             The most trustworthy and efficient analytic solution is the Google Analytic solutions, which helps us to recognize your visit and the ways to improve your experience. It stores information such as the sites that you visited in order to help us with your preferences and what you are looking for. It also tells the time that you spent on the site. You can visit Google Analytics Page to know more about these cookies.

•             Other third-party analytic solutions are maneuvered to trace down the usage as well as time spent on the site; it also tells us about how long you stay on other sites, which enables us to customize our site in a way that improves its functionality and the user experience.

•             New third parties are tested along with other features to ensure that the users are getting the best experience with the site. Not just that, it also helps us to understand the expectations and preferences of the users.

•             The ads on your browser when you visit a site are monitored by the Google AdSense feature, which makes sure that you don’t get to see the same ad again and again and also makes sure that you get to see the relevant ads only.

•             Several third-party cookies, which are our affiliate partners, advertise our site on their site. These third-party cookies enable us to see if our visitor has come through our partners’ site or not. In positive cases, we are able to thank our partners properly as well as enable us to ask for discount offers for our visitors where possible.

•             Third-party cookies also help us to use different social media buttons as well as plugins, which facilitate you in connecting with social media networks in a variety of ways.


We hope that all the aforementioned information solved all of your queries related to the cookies and how we use them. You can disable your cookies if that does not harm your visit to the site in any way; otherwise, you can enable them to enjoy all the features that we offer you on the site.

If you think this information is not sufficient for you, or you want more detail on how we use cookies, when to enable and when to disable the cookies without facing any problem on the site, then you can contact us on [email protected], where we will further facilitate you and will solve all the queries that you might have.