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Looking for the best sublimation inks for your sublimation projects? Well, the choice totally depends on you. If you are only testing some sublimation prints for fun, some cheaper ones will be the best for fun experimenting, however, if you are into the sublimation business, then you must overlook the price factor and get yourself a sublimation ink that gives you the high resolution and fine quality prints!

Other than the price factor, and the kind of sublimation printing you are going to conduct, there are two important factors that one must not overlook, when looking for the best sublimation ink.

Our Top Picks

Jack Sublimation ink 

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

Hiipoo Sublimation ink 

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

7 Best Sublimation Inks of 2022

A good quality sublimation ink will not only give you colour accuracy on your pictures, but it will also help you with the printing volume! Here are some of the best options, which will help you choose wisely! So it is of prime importance to choose the suitable, excellent quality and compatible sublimation ink for your sublimation printer to enjoy printing. Here are some of the best sublimation inks in the market;

Comparison Table

backpac Printers Jack Sublimation Ink Size of container: 100ml
Total Price:

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backpac Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Size of container: 100ml
Total Price: $29.99
Individual colours

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cordlessblower Cosmos Sublimation Ink Size of container: 100ml
Total Price:

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cordlessblower EasySubli Sublimation Ink Size of container: 29ml
Total Price:

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cordlessblower INKXPRO Sublimation Ink Size of container: 100ml
Total Price:

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cordlessblower WOKOK Sublimation Ink Size of container: 100ml
Total Price:
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cordlessblower Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled Size of container: 100ml
Total Price:
Individual colours

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1. Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

If you have Epson WorkForce or Epson EcoTank models of the sublimation printers, Printers Jack sublimation ink is just the right choice for you. And similar to the Epson printers, this ink is just as cost-effective and budget-friendly as them!

Besides being compatible with a lot of sublimation printers, it is very durable, and the quality is just superb, hence placing the top in the list of the best sublimation inks.

It provides high-resolution prints and the colours are just so beautiful and vibrant, moreover, it gives you great sublimation printing options, which means that you can easily sublimate on any kind of material including ceramics, fabrics, coffee mugs, ceramic plates, and even bleached shirts.

Smooth printing is what every user wants from the sublimation ink because the sublimation ink plays a very vital role in how your prints will look like. Printers Jack Sublimation is a waterproof ink, as it is a water-based dye that provides a high-quality heat transfer to its prints making the prints excellent in quality and rich in colours.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It is a user-friendly and cost-effective choice for the Epson sublimation printers. The colors are beautiful with precise details hence, provide high-quality prints.

Versatile: Printers Jack Sublimation ink is quite versatile as it is capable of sublimating different materials including textile, ceramics, mugs, shirts, etc.

Auto-Refill: The ink is capable of automatically refilling; you don’t have to refill it with the aid of syringes or any other refilling tool.

Water-proof Printing: It is a top-notch ink that offers water-proof printing and is smudge-proof.

What do we like?

  • Saves time
  • Does not clog and ensures smooth printing
  • Rich and vibrant colours on the prints
  • Ink is compatible with many sublimation printers
  • Water-proof printing

What don’t we like?

  • Not much compatible with all kinds of fabrics

Final Verdict

Printer jack sublimation ink is not only compatible with Epson but with Inkjet sublimation printers too. The four hundred ml bottles come in four different colours and are spill-proof. You don’t have to refill the bottles with the help of syringes or any other devices because it is capable of auto-refill, and not to forget that the print quality is so fantastic that you can conduct a craft show of your own by putting an exhibition of your sublimation crafts and prints, how cool is that!

2. EasySubli Sublimation Ink

EasySubli sublimation ink

EasySubli is the name that arises when it comes to a sublimation printing on different materials and different surfaces. The quality of prints that the Sawgrass sublimation ink offers is no less than the other elite brands in the market. However, when it comes to compatibility with different sublimation printers, the EasySubli ink is not the preference of the users because it shows compatibility with the EasySubli printers only and of course can never be the choice of people who own other sublimation printers.

The Sawgrass EasySubli sublimation ink is efficient and different from other sublimation inks in a number of ways. The most eminent feature of this ink is that it uses the heat transfer vinyl system which is only found in the EasySubli printers. Thus, the productivity of these EasySubli printers is more remarkable and fabulous than other printers; the highlighted features include lively colours, which make the prints look rich, energetic, and most gorgeous in every way!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It is the efficient ink with prominent features that offers great printing experience by producing vibrant and picture worthy colors.

Best ink for EasySubli Printers: The ink shows great compatibility with a wide range of sublimation printers especially the EasySubli sublimation printing machines.

Decent Capacity: The ink has great capacity of thirty one milliliters offering top-quality performance and printing outputs.

Four Colored Ink System: It has a four colored ink system hence; provide vibrant, bright, and dynamic colors with beautiful and precise details.

What do we like?

  • Works tremendously with the siser EasySubli heat press vinyl
  • Decent capacity of thirty-one millilitres
  • Four different colours ensure colour correctness
  • Cost-effective

What don’t we like?

  • Only compatible with the Sawgrass EasySubli printers

Final Verdict

EasySubli sublimation ink is no doubt a great ink and gives excellent finishes to your prints making them rich, lively, and vibrant in colours, but the only drawback is that it is compatible with two models of Sawgrass EasySubli, which are Sawgrass SG500, and Sawgrass SG1000, making this sublimation ink a limited option for the users.

3. Inkxpro Sublimation Ink

INKXPRO Sublimation Ink

INKXPRO is a popular and very demanding sublimation ink for users who have Epson sublimation printers. You can easily find the right INKXPRO sublimation ink by mentioning the model of your Epson sublimation ink, thus, users find it quite easy to find the right INKXPRO ink for their very sublimation printer. It would not be wrong to say that the best sublimation ink for Epson 7710 is no other than the INKXPRO sublimation ink, which works great with this particular model of Epson!

A very prominent and highlighted feature of INKXPRO sublimation ink is that the official website of the brand allows you free download of the ICC colour profiles, which is quite unique on its own because no one else ever did this. The benefit of the ICC colour profiles is that it gives your lively and rich colours and makes your prints look beautiful!

INKXPRO sublimation ink offers its customers to sublimate on different surfaces, and thus conduct sublimation projects of different varieties; be it off the shoulder sweatshirts, or ceramic coffee mugs, it can sublimate anything from fabric to smart phone cases!

Highlighted Features:

Highlighted Features:

Performance: This ink comes with a free ICC color profile download, is durable, reliable, and is proficient in sublimating on different materials and different surfaces.

Versatile: The INKXPRO ink is a top-quality ink, which is capable of printing on a wide range of sublimate materials such as ceramics, coffee mugs, fabrics, mobilephone cases, etc.

Best ink for Epson Models: INKXPRO shows excellent compatibility with almost all the models of the Epson sublimation printing machines.

ICC Color Profiles: The INKXPRO official website allows you to download ICC Color Profiles for free.

What do we like?

  • Offers a wide range of compatibility options
  • Durable
  • Different materials and surfaces can be sublimated
  • Free ICC colour profile

What don’t we like?

  • Costly

Final Verdict

If you are entering the sublimation business and are using the best sublimation printer for beginners like Epson sublimation printers, then INKXPRO is just the right sublimation ink for you. In fact, it is the best sublimation ink for Epson 2720 and Epson 7710. The additional ICC colour profile free download is not less than the icing on the cake!

4. Wokok Sublimation Ink

WOKOK Sublimation Ink

WOKOK sublimation ink is a top-quality ink that is compatible with popular sublimation printer brands like Epson, and other high-quality inkjet sublimation printers, which is also quite easy, in fact, super easy to use, and is one of the best sublimation inks for beginners.

A prominent and highlighted feature of the WOKOK sublimation ink is that it uses the sublimation paper and conducts the heat press procedure in order to sublimate different materials, which means that you can use this sublimation ink to conduct your sublimation projects on ceramics, mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, mats, bedsheets, bags, smart phone cases, etc.

WOKOK sublimation ink comes in a set of four different colours accompanied by needles and syringes that make the refilling process a lot easier!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It is a user-friendly sublimation ink which shows compatibility with multiple sublimation printers and works on wide range of surfaces and materials.

Compatibility: WOKOK ink shows excellent compatibility with Inkjet printers and Epson sublimation printers.

Heat-press Method: The ink uses heat-press method to transfer sublimation design on to the sublimation surface hence, covers a lot of different surfaces and materials.

Water-proof and Anti-UV: WOKOK sublimation ink is not only Water-proof but is Anti-UV as well making it the best choice for professional printing.

Easy Installation: Both the refilling and installation is super easy and even the novice users can do it easily because no expertise are required.

What do we like?

  • Water-proof and Anti-UV
  • Refilling and installation is super easy
  • Refilling and installation is super easy
  • Compatible with a wide variety of sublimation printers
  • The colour quality is excellent
  • The colours do not fade with time

What don’t we like?

  • Limited colours

Final Verdict

WOKOK sublimation ink is a decent option for people who use Epson sublimation printers as it is compatible with a lot of Epson models. Users have to refill the ink bottle with the syringes however, the process is quite easy and no expertise is required for refilling, installation, or setup of the sublimation printer. The print quality is quite great and is fade-resistant as well as Anti-UV and water-proof, which are quite remarkable qualities for sublimation ink.

5. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled

Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled

Xcinkjet is another remarkable sublimation ink that is compatible with an extensive variety of sublimation printers and provides beautiful prints. Sublimation ink causes a lot of mishaps when it comes to their safe storage, but with the Xcinkjet sublimation ink, you do not have to worry about safe storage, because they are spill-proof and the storage is made easier with this eminent feature.

Xcinkjet sublimation ink uses four colours to print your sublimation crafts onto a wide collection of materials like watches, hats, ceramics, fabric bags, clothes, etc. The ink is super easy to use and makes your sublimation printing experience worth it!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It is a sublimation ink that is equipped with a design made to avoid spillages and ensures easy storage. The print quality is superb with fabulous colors.

Compatibility: Xcinkjet sublimation ink shows compatibility with a lot of reputable sublimation printers and almost all the inkjet sublimation printers.

Four Colored Ink System: The four colors of the ink system allow you to produce vibrant, dynamic, and beautiful colors with precise details.

Versatile: The Xcinkjet is a versatile ink which offers printing on different surfaces and wide range of materials including ceramics, fabric bags, hats, watches, clothes, etc.

Spill-Proof: The super easy design ensures top-quality printing and avoids spillage.

What do we like?

  • Compatible with an extensive range of sublimation printers
  • The Colour quality is great
  • Super easy to use
  • Spill-proof

What don’t we like?

  • Costly

Final Verdict

Xcinkjet sublimation ink is compatible with a wide variety of sublimation printers which means you don’t need to have a specific kind of printer to use this sublimation ink. The colour precision and quality are great, and it sublimates a wide variety of materials with dynamic and rich colours.

6. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

Hiipoo is the runner up in the list of best sublimation ink because again it is compatible with a lot of Epson sublimation printers making it a versatile and widely used sublimation ink.

Furthermore, it allows you to print on a wide range of products including all those things which one can sublimate on, and is one of the best inks for sublimation on wood.

Hiipoo sublimation ink has got all the key features that one finds in a good sublimation ink. It gives your prints a smooth texture, with fine quality vibrant colours. All the businessmen out there who are looking for a professional ink that does not fade with time should consider Hiipoo sublimation as it is the best option to mull over.

The dynamic and vibrant colours are not the only plus points of the Hiipoo sublimation ink, it also ensures colour accurateness which means that you don’t have to worry about the precision of the images you will print using this sublimation ink.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It offers silky smooth texture, precise details, beautiful and lively colors, and is compatible with a lot of printers

Professional Ink: The Ink provides top-notch quality making your prints as realistic as your images. Moreover, it is fade-proof and you can definitely use it for your professional-class prints.

Water-proof Printing: The Hiipoo sublimation ink is a professional ink that is not only fade-proof, but is also water-proof and smudge-proof.

Auto-Refill: It is capable of auto-refilling thus, saves you from the trouble of frequent manual refilling.

What do we like?

  • Vibrant, precise, and long-lived prints
  • Multiple ranges of compatibility options
  • Smooth prints, low to zero fading rate
  • High rate of heat transfer on prints
  • Can be auto-refilled
  • Ensures water-proof printing

What don’t we like?

  • Slow
  • Sublimates on fabric with cotton proportion less than 30 percent

Final Verdict

Hiipoo sublimation ink is an auto-refill and spill-proof sublimation ink that provides you fine quality sublimation prints with colour precision and accuracy. It shows compatibility with a lot of sublimation printers. It ensures high resolution and long-lived sublimation prints giving life to your sublimation projects. There is not a stop to what you can sublimate with your Hiipoo sublimation ink, be it wood signs, or some funky t-shirt, the sublimation ink will definitely put life to your sublimation print!

7. Cosmos Sublimation Ink

cosmos ink sublimation

Cosmos sublimation ink is a top-quality cost-effective sublimation ink that is easy to refill and easy to install in the printer. This ink is compatible with almost all types of Epson sublimation printers and other fine quality sublimation printers in the market.

Refill is made easy with the help of syringes and other such needles. You don’t have to worry if you are a novice in sublimation printing, you still can refill and conduct the installation process on your own, because it literally requires no expertise to do the task.

Printing quality is as great as the other sublimation inks, and thus offers you vibrant and lively sublimation prints. The ink bottles are specifically made to set up in your Epson sublimation printers, as it is manufactured exclusively for the Epson sublimation printers.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It is a top-quality ink that is not only easy to refill, but is very easy to install. It is a budget-friendly ink compatible with all Epson models.

Trouble-free Installation: It is easy to refill and very easy to reinstall. Even the beginners in printing can install it as it requires no expertise.

High-quality Prints: The printing quality of this printer is top-notch with superb color reproduction, accurate colors and precise details.

Compatible with Wide Range of Printers: It is a user-friendly sublimation ink, which shows compatibility with a wide-range of Epson printers.


What do we like?

  • High-quality prints
  • Easy refilling with the help of syringes
  • Companionable with all Epson sublimation printers
  • Installation is quite easy

What don’t we like?

  • Does not allow auto-refill

Final Verdict

Epson EcoTank ET-3760 has a reputable position in the best sublimation printers, however, some users may find it expensive because they have to buy the special ink, and otherwise they might ruin their printing machine. On the other hand, the printing quality and printing speed of this sublimation printer are quite respectable, no doubt!

Best Sublimation Inks 2022 Buying Guide

Not every good quality is the best sublimation ink for you because it must be compatible with the type of sublimation printer you have and the professionalism of your sublimation projects. Yes, you will find dozens of options in the market, but not every sublimation ink is right for you. You must be wondering why not every high-quality ink is just not the right one for you. That is because only you know the kind of sublimation project you are conducting and its requirements. Here is a buying guide that will help you to choose the right sublimation ink for your sublimation projects as well as your sublimation printers.


Compatibility is the first thing that you should look into when buying the sublimation ink, because no matter how good the sublimation ink is, if it is not compatible with your sublimation printer it is of no use, and your money went down the drain!

Make sure that the sublimation ink that you choose is made specifically for the model of your sublimation printer, and then only will you enjoy the sublimation printing with outstanding output.

Size of the Ink

The size of the ink also plays an important role in whether to buy the ink or not. Suppose you bought an expensive sublimation ink because its quality was great but it finished in printing just a few sublimates, wouldn’t it be very costly to buy such sublimation ink? Of course, it will be.

Another factor is the type of your sublimation project, personal sublimation projects don’t need big bottles of ink, however, professional or business sublimation printing does require the largest bottle on the market. So, whenever looking for the best sublimation ink make sure that the size of the sublimation ink is right for you.

Transfer Rate

For your sublimation prints to look vibrant and lively, the transfer rate of your sublimation ink must be ninety percent or even more. A transfer rate of less than 90 percent often makes the output prints lack the precision and accuracy that you wish to have in your sublimation prints.


A lot of sublimation projects are done on the fabric which needs off and on washing. If your sublimation ink is not water-resistant what is even the purpose of choosing such sublimation ink that is going to wear off with every wash.

So, whenever buying a sublimation ink for business purposes or even personal use make sure that it is water-proof so that your sublimation print lasts longer and does not fade with washing.


A good sublimation printer can only work effectively and efficiently if a good quality sublimation ink is used in it, and hence increases the durability and life of the sublimation printer, so it is quite necessary to have a good quality sublimation ink for your sublimation projects.

User Friendly

Not all of us are quite experts when it comes to sublimation printers and inks, in that case, a sublimation ink that is easy to use will obviously be the top choice of novice users. Therefore, a sublimation ink must be easy to refill, set up, and install without having specific expertise in the task.

Final Thought

All the sublimation inks are no doubt the best sublimation inks in the market, however, each one has special properties be it associated with their compatibility options, their durability and resilience or be it the water-resistant feature, every ink is unique in its own way and serves its purpose. However, our top three choices are;

Printer Jack Sublimation ink is not only compatible with a lot of sublimation printers, but also gives you perfect prints when it comes to the precision, correctness, and brightness of the colours. This sublimation ink is spill-proof, water-proof, auto-refill, and super easy to use. What else does one want in a sublimation ink!

Hiipoo Sublimation ink is our second best sublimation ink as it also offers a wide variety of compatibility options and not only that, it prints on a lot of materials including wood, as well!

Sawgrass EasySubli sublimation ink is another top quality sublimation ink that offers a great printing experience to its users apart from the fact that it is not compatible with a lot of sublimation printers making it a model-specific sublimation ink!

These were our top three recommendations of the best sublimation inks; we hope we helped you in choosing the right sublimation ink for your sublimation project!


What is the best sublimation ink?

Printer jack inkjet sublimation is by far the best sublimation ink on the market because of its performance, compatibility and print quality.

How to clean the Cricut mat?

You can use water and soap to rub the surface of the mat that you are cleaning. Bu rubbing and scrubbing it you can remove the adhesiveness, but do not go too harsh with the scrubbing. Finish it off with a degreaser spray and let it dry.

How to use a Cricut?

First, you need to put your Cricut device in a spacious place because the mat is going to need some space while going through the Cricut process, and then you just need to connect it with some input device, be it a computer, or a smart phone, and you are ready to go!

How to remove the vinyl from the shirt?

Steam is considered the most effective as well as a safe method of removing vinyl from shirts. Commercially available vinyl removers can also be used.

How to make vinyl stickers?

A simple and easy way to make vinyl stickers is to take vinyl paper and print the design of your choice with the help of an inkjet printer.

How to use Cricut iron-on vinyl?

Iron is used as another method of heat-press, and hence, the material and the iron are preheated and then the vinyl is transferred onto the material.

How to remove Iron-on vinyl?

Iron-on vinyl is as permanent as the other heat press methods but there is some optimism with the iron-on ones. Vinyl Letter Remover can be used to remove the Iron-on vinyl from your shirts, or you can also use some other adhesive remover to get the job done!

What shirt to use for sublimation?

There is no better option than the polyester t-shirts for sublimation projects and experiments. Polyester has never been a great option for printing, but it holds a reputable position when it comes to sublimation printing. In fact, most of the sublimation printing business owners use polyester t-shirts for sublimation printing.