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Sublimation printers have gotten quite fancy since they are creating a buzz in the printing market. Picking the best sublimation printer for beginners might not be an easy task, but is not as difficult as it seems, you just have to rule out what qualities you want in your printer and then go for it.

Thinking to start your own business of sublimation printing? Or buying a new sublimation printer? Well, we have you covered, because we are going to discuss some of the best sublimation printers for beginners, that too with all the required details.

Our Top Picks

Epson WorkForce WF-7720

Epson Workforce 7720

Epson HD XP-15000

epson expression photo hd xp15000

12 Best Sublimation Printer For Beginners 2022

Whatever your area of work is, be it printing T-shirts, mugs, cushions, glassware, ceramics, etc. There is nothing of a sublimation project that a sublimation printer cannot so get ready to print your sublimation designs on whatever you want. It is very crucial that you know the right sublimation printer for your work before you get your hands on it, don’t forget that your money can go down the drain if you don’t make the right choice, but no worries because here is a list of sublimation printers, let’s get started,

Comparison Table

backpac EPSON WORKFORCE 7720 Brand: Epson
8.5 W
Check On Amazon
backpac EPSON EXPRESSION PHOTO HD XP-15000 Brand: Epson
Power: NA
Capacity: 250
Technology: NA
Connectivity: Wireless connectivity
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower SAWGRASS VIRTUOSO SG500 Brand: Sawgrass
Power: NA
Capacity: 110
Technology: NA
Connectivity: Wireless
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower CANON SELPHY CP1300 Brand: Canon
60 W
Dye thermal
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower HP OFFICE JET PRO 9025 Brand: HP
Power: 100 to 240 VAC
Capacity: 250 sheets
Technology: Inkjet printer
Connectivity: Wireless connectivity
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower EPSON WORKFORCE WF7710 Brand: Epson
Power: 19 W
Capacity: 250
Technology: PrecisionCore 2S Printhead
Connectivity: Wireless connectivity
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower EPSON ECOTANK ET 2720 Brand: Epson
Power: 11 W
Capacity: 4500
Technology: NA
Connectivity: Wireless Direct Wi-Fi connectivity
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower EPSON ECOTANK ET-4760 Brand: Epson
Power: 12 W
Capacity: 350
Technology: PrecisionCore
Connectivity: Wired and Wireless connectivity
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower EPSON ARTISAN 1430 Brand: Epson
Power: 18 W
Capacity: 100
Technology: 6 coloured advanced Micro-Piezo inkjet technology
Connectivity: Wireless connectivity
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower Epson EcoTank ET 2760 Brand: Epson
Power: 13 W
Capacity: 7500
Technology: Inkjet
Connectivity: Wired and Wireless
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower Epson EcoTank ET 2750 Brand: Epson
Power: 13 W
Capacity: 5200
Technology: Inkjet
Connectivity: Wireless
Check On Amazon
cordlessblower Epson WorkForce WF 7210 Brand: Epson
Power: 22 W
Capacity: 500
Technology: PrecisionCore
Connectivity: Wireless
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1. Epson WorkForce 7720

Epson Workforce 7720

EPSON WORKFORCE 7720 scored first place when it comes to the best sublimation printer for beginners and there are a lot of reasons behind that place. A printer cannot be ranked first if it is not efficient and budget-friendly, and EPSON WORKFORCE 7720 has both the said qualities.

The device comes in a very protected and well-packaged box inside of which the thermocol mould further enable the safety of the printer during transit. Opening the box you remove the thermocol mould on the top and finally will get the first glance at your printer. The cardboard box further holds all the necessary utilities and paperwork of your printer which helps you with the setup. Along with the cords, and USB cables, the printer comes with the Epson standard size cartridges and some printing sheets.

Epson WF 7720 is entirely made up of hard plastic and hence is a hardcore printer that won’t leave you easily. How lucky it feels to have a sublimation printer that comes with a touch screen control panel on its top where you can easily manage all the printer settings and not a normal screen, but a 4.3” screen which ensures that the reader has a great experience of reading and setting the printer. Though Epson WF 7720 is not the fastest printer, it would not be wrong to say that it gets the job done pretty fast when compared to the average sublimation printer. Its printing speed is 8ppm, which is fairly average. The photo printing quality of the Epson WF 7720 is fairly good though sometimes banding and graininess are observed on some images if we talk about the overall picture quality it is satisfactory! Epson XP-7720 can be connected to the wired network connection through an Ethernet port or you can directly connect the computer with the printer by using a UB cable. The printer allows prints as large as 13*19, which is quite an efficient and rare feature when compared to other printers of the same price. Epson 7720 has been upgraded to its latest form from the previous version 7710, and now comes with two paper trays which is a big thing in itself. People who own businesses that require sublimation printing know the importance of printer up-gradation to get the best product quality, but with Epson 7720 there is no need for up-gradation, you would never require one, hence one of the best starter sublimation printer.

Highlighted Features:

Durability: Made up of hard plastic and is a hardcore printer.

Touch Screen Control Panel: 4.3″ screen, which is large enough to give you the best navigation and control experience

Connectivity: Epson WorkForce-7720 can be connected to the wired network connection through an Ethernet port, or you can directly connect the computer with the printer by using a UB cable.

Large Prints: The printer allows prints as large as 13*19, which is quite an efficient and rare feature when compared to other printers of the same price.

Dual Paper Trays: Dual paper trays offer you a generous paper holding capacity.

What do we like?

  • Come with dual paper trays
  • Directly connects to Wi-Fi enabling wireless performance
  • Printing costs are way lower when compared
  • Excellent shape

What don’t we like?

  • Colour quality is not suitable for professional printing

Final Verdict

Epson Workforce WF 7720 is by far the best sublimation printer for beginners, as it is not only cheapest sublimation printer but also gives a great printing experience to the users. You can start your printing journey with this versatile and economical printer without losing too much. The paper handling capability of the Epson 7720 is undoubtedly quite remarkable and not to forget the dual paper tray feature which helps you to print materials of different qualities and sizes simultaneously is quite extraordinary too. Epson 7720 is no doubt a far better choice than the older versions like Epson WF 7710 and has proved to be an asset in sublimation printing.

2. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

epson expression photo hd xp15000

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 is one of those far-flung printers that can add spark to your sublimation projects. Sublimation printing is all about casting and composing your creative ideas, and it would not be wrong to say that this printer will make the sublimation printing journey memorable for you. As a beginner in sublimation printing users are often concerned about the paper size and print quality and it would be false to say that they matter the most because they actually do. Hence, Epson brings sublimation printers that are not only efficient in printing high-resolution pictures but are also capable of printing paper sizes as large as 13*19, which is the most highlighted feature of the printer.

Many small businesses are using sublimation printing machines for graphic printing on fabrics such as clothes, mats, blankets, sheets, etc. and the quality matters a great deal to the business owners. The sleek and high-resolution printing demands a good ink cartridge system, to make the print lively and sparkly. 

Epson XP-15000 is enriched with a 6-cartridge system which helps the printer boost its functionality and give you a heavenly printing experience. The Epson Expression HD XP-15000 is well-packaged in a cardboard box. After opening the box the first thing that comes out is the accessory bag which includes cables, drivers, compact discs, paperwork, warranty, and utility tools.

The performance and printing quality of this printer is surprisingly way beyond marvellous. The colours administration on paper, the depth of the colours and the crisp they left on the paper, everything seems way beyond imagination. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 comes with a 2.4” display which is a touch screen that enables you to give a direct command to your printers without connecting the printer to your laptop or computer. Moreover, you can change the printer settings in addition to the commands, making the printing very expedient. A large paper tray is a big yes when choosing the right sublimation printer, and Epson XP-15000 is able to take up to 200 sheets at a time. Not just that, it comes with a rear tray that gives you an additional space of 50 sheets. It might not be the fastest sublimation printer but has quite a reputable position by printing at a max speed of 9ppm, which is considered good when compared to other inkjet printers for sublimation. In addition to all these features, the icing on the cake is the connectivity array of Epson XP-15000. Connectivity is by far the best feature of the printer as you can get both wireless functionality of direct Wi-Fi, and the traditional connectivity ways like UB, and Ethernet. The list does not end here, you can print your photos from the cloud services like the Apple Air Print and the Google Cloud Print. How remarkable is that!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: The performance and printing quality of this printer are surprisingly way beyond marvelous. The colors are administered on paper, and the depth of the colors is incredible.

Speed: It might not be the fastest sublimation printer but has quite a reputable position by printing at a max speed of 9ppm, which is considered good when compared to other inkjet printers.

Direct Commands: A 2.7inches LCD touchscreen allows you to give direct commands to your printer and allows smooth navigation and better control.

Connectivity: It offers versatile connectivity; wireless, USB< Ethernet, and mobile printing.

What do we like?

  • Wireless service (Wi-Fi connectivity)
  • Large paper tray and additional rear tray
  • Touch screen controls
  • Cloud services
  • Large paper size 13*19

What don’t we like?

  • High operation costs
  • Printing speed is slow

Final Verdict

Epson XP-15000 offers so much in order to make your sublimation printing Cricut worth it, that you would not be able to find a reputable alternative to it. The cloud printing service is the crux of the biscuit feature of the printer and as a beginner, you can very much cherish sublimation printing and a good sublimation printer.

3. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500

Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer

Saw grass G500 goes by the title ‘professional sublimation printer’in the market because it is believed that this printer is exclusively made for sublimation printing, and no other printer can get the job done as the Sawgrass SG500. It is no doubt the best choice when looking for a sublimation printer and is a lot better than the printers that are converted to sublimation printers. 

Talking about the converted sublimation printers; they can never match the performance and functionality of a printer that is particularly made for sublimation. You will always have to do great measures to enhance its performance, let alone the maintenance. In contrast to that, Sawgrass holds a reputable position in the market whenever one thinks of a sublimation printer and the market knows it well. You will receive your device in a simple yet very elegant packaging that might feel quite heavy when held in your hands. Opening the box up, you will first meet the power cord and then you will find your device nicely packed and protected with thermocol moulds. The care taken by the company to deliver the product safe and sound to the customers is quite thoughtful and striking!

The Sawgrass SG500 administers the overall best picture quality giving your prints the accuracy and perfection you have always wanted. The printing speed of the Sawgrass SG500 is great when compared to many converted sublimation printers. In fact, it works faster than many Epson converted sublimation printers. Epson and Sawgrass are the two elite brands when it comes to sublimation printing, and when we say that it works better than the Epson converted ones, we definitely mean that it has got the audacity! SG500 gives you both the wired and wireless options when it comes to connectivity, which means that you can connect it via a USB cable to your computer, via an Ethernet port for wired network connection, or you can go for the direct Wi-Fi; a wireless option, the choice is all yours.

Highlighted Features:

Print Quality: The Sawgrass SG500 administers the overall best picture quality giving your prints the accuracy and perfection you have always wanted.

Printing Speed: The printing speed of the Sawgrass SG500 is great when compared to many converted sublimation printers. In fact, it works faster than many Epson converted sublimation printers. 

Sawgrass Creative Studio: Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 offers its users a free membership of the Sawgrass Creative Studio.

Connectivity: It offers both wired and wireless connectivity; Ethernet and USB, and Wi-Fi, respectively.

What do we like?

  • Printing speed is fast
  • Excellent-quality printing
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity options
  • Free membership (license) to Sawgrass creative studio

What don’t we like?

  • Does not come with a touch screen display

Final Verdict

Sawgrass SG500 is made exclusively for sublimation projects as well as is the best sublimation printer for heat transfer, and hence covers all the fields elegantly and efficiently. It comes with all the salient features that one comes in handy when working on the sublimation printing projects, hence called the professional sublimation printing machine. 

There is no doubt in the fact that these printers are quite costly when juxtaposed with other sublimation printers, but once you start working with them, believe me, you will totally forget about the extra bucks you paid for your printer. Apart from being the best sublimation printers, a very significant feature about these printers is that you do not have to worry about ink wastage when not using the printers, because the ink does not dry no matter how often you use your printer.

4. Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy Cp1300

Canon Selphy is one of those fine quality sublimation printers that are compact in size, but their size has no effect on their great performance and exclusive printing quality. This printer is much like an inkjet printer and comes in a similar size, but offers great performance and functionality. Some customers found it so small that they didn’t want to believe that it is a functional printer, that’s how compact it is in size which means that it won’t take all of your space. Moreover, you can easily carry it with you, wherever you want, and room to room transit is way easier than the traditional printers that are a lot heavier. The Canon Selphy CP1300 comes in a very elegant little (not so little) box. Opening it up you first see the warranty papers and other paperwork that enable you to set up the printer followed by the device itself. Instead of a power cable, Selphy CP1300 comes with a power adapter which is basically the power conversion unit; the AC to DC conversion happens in this power conversion unit. In addition to that, it comes with cartridge and paper trays nicely packed in the box.

Canon Selphy CP1300 does wonder when it comes to high-resolution picture superiority and the dynamic and vibrant colour precision. Do not underestimate it for being a small printer; it actually is very great with its work. Selphy CP1300 is very slow when it comes to the printing speed, but we all know slow and steady wins the race, and it goes quite well with the Canon CP1300 because you forget the time taken when you look at the beautiful prints, and those sleek finishes. As much as its size is surprising, so is its wide connectivity array. You don’t need to connect it directly to your computers, because it has multiple connectivity options like USB, cloud services, Bluetooth, SD card, and all others that can come to your mind.

Another exclusive connectivity feature of Canon Selphy CP1300 is that you can now take out prints directly from your mobile phone; all you have to do is to install an application and get the work done.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Canon Selphy CP1300 does wonder when it comes to picture quality and color accuracy. 

Connectivity: It offers a wide variety of connectivity solutions, including Bluetooth, SD card, USB, and mobile printing.

Size of Printer: Canon Selphy is a compact printing machine that fits into just any workplace, be it home or office, as well as it is perfect for traveling.

Robust in making: This Canon printer is not only compact but shows great resilience and robustness, as it is not made from just any plastic. 

Print Quality: Canon Selphy C1300 offers exceptional print quality with exclusive colors and precise details of the prints making them as realistic as they can.

What do we like?

  • Exceptional print quality
  • Resilience and robustness
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact in size

What don’t we like?

  • LCD is not a touch screen

Final Verdict

If your line of business includes print size around 4*6, then Canon Selphy CP1300 is an ideal sublimation printer for you. It is a small sublimation printer, which is perfect if you travel a lot, moreover, its battery can be purchased separately which enables you to print anywhere you want. Its broad-spectrum connectivity options allow you to use your printer without connecting it to a computer, just insert the USN flash drive or SD card and get the job done!

5. HP Office Jet Pro 9025

Hp Officejet Pro 9025

HP is a renowned brand when it comes to printers, making it a considerable option in sublimation printing. However, the printer works best with the regular documents than it does with the sublimation printing materials. It comes with a 2.7” display which is not very big, but its sensitivity to touch and overall functionality is the jewel in the crown. The boxing of HP Jet Pro 9025 is as simple and decent as other HP printers. On opening the box you will find the device accompanied by power cords, warranty cards, and paperwork. However, don’t get surprised if you don’t find a software CD in the box, because none is given.

The quality of both; the HP printer and scanner is great, colour accuracy, finishes, picture quality, details, everything is pretty perfect. Speed is the most exclusive feature of the HP Office Jet Pro 9025. It prints black documents at a max speed of 24ppm, whereas, colour printing at 20ppm, which is remarkable when compared to other sublimation printers in the market. HP is no doubt an old company and has deep roots in printer manufacturing, but knows how to meet the demand of the present times. It connects with both the vintage and modern connectivity options; wired and wireless connections.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: The quality of both; the HP printer and scanner is great; color accuracy, finishes, picture quality, details, everything is pretty perfect.

Printing Speed: It has a printing speed of 20ppm for color printing and 24ppm for black and white printing. The speed is definitely faster than the average speed of printers.

Touchscreen Display: A 2.7inches touchscreen offers the best navigation and the smoothest control of the printer and its panel.

Connectivity: HP OfficeJet Pro 9095 comes with both the connectivity options; wired and wireless.

What do we like?

  • Cost-effective printing
  • Supports duplexing
  • Respectable printing speed
  • Small footprints

What don’t we like?

  • Is the loudest printer out there!

Final Verdict

HP Office Jet Printer 9025 is a perfect option for small sublimation printing businesses, as it is user friendly as well as budget-friendly. You can get your work done in no time as the printer function at quite a remarkable speed and can enhance your business.

6. Epson WorkForce WF 7710

Epson Workforce Wf 7710

Do you know that Epson and cost-effective are synonyms? Well, that is because Epson offers products that are budget-friendly and are one of the best choices when it comes to sublimation printers for beginners. Why? Because you don’t have to invest a lot of money on the sublimation printers in order to start your own sublimation printing business. Epson WorkForce WF 7710 is nothing less than our number 1 printer when it comes to quality and efficiency, it’s just that it comes with only one paper tray and you do not have the advantage of printing products of different sizes simultaneously. The one paper tray is capable of printing 250 sheets and the paper size is none less than that of the Epson WF 7720 of 13*19.

Epson WorkForce WF 7710 is not only efficient but a very versatile printer. It prints speedily, but consumes very little power and thus saves you more bucks. Moreover, it offers your wireless printing, as it comes with numerous wireless connectivity options such as; Wi-Fi direct, tablets, iPad, smartphones, as well as NFC. Talking about the printing speed, it prints auto-2 sides hence enabling you to cut your printing time and be more productive with your sublimation transfers!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Epson printers have exceptional performance when it comes to sublimation printing, and this printer is no exception to it. It is an efficient and cost-effective model.

Connectivity: This Epson model has one of the latest connectivity solutions, the one only finds in very high-class and expensive printers; NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless, and Mobile printing.

Large-Format Printer: It is a wide-format sublimation printing machine capable of printing media sizes as large as 13*19inches.

Touchscreen: A 4.3inches touchscreen display is what you need for easy control and smooth navigation.

Fabric Printing: Epson WorkForce WF 7710 is capable of printing on various different fabrics; the best option for the garment printing business.

What do we like?

  • Able to print on various fabric varieties
  • Comes with a 4.3′ inch touch screen for easy controls
  • Consumes considerably less power
  • Can scan, print, and fax

What don’t we like?

  • High-resolution printing eats up too much ink

Final Verdict

HEpson WorkForce WF 7710 is no doubt a very economical and budget-friendly printer without compromising the quality of your sublimation prints. It would not be wrong to say that WF 7710 is a multifunctional sublimation printer that enables you to print, fax, and scan at the same time. The 4’3 inches touch screen is the cherry on the top and helps the users control the printer much more professionally!

7. Epson EcoTank ET 2720

Epson is a superb brand when it comes to sublimation and sublimation printers. It has never disappointed us when it comes to the functionality, inexpensiveness, and efficacy of its sublimation printers. Epson 2720 is the most economical and cost-effective printer ever, why? Because it saves you the cost of ink up to 90 per cent. You will be more than shocked to know that these amazing printers ask for ink replacement after two long years, isn’t that incredible? Well, it definitely is!

Though you replace the ink after two years, that does not mean the ink is not top quality or does not print high-quality images, if you are using high-quality Epson ink in your ET 2720 you are signing up for high resolution and top-notch images! Coming towards its connectivity options, it gives you a smooth experience of wireless printing, as it connects with all of your gadgets including; tablets, smartphones, iPad, through direct Wi-Fi!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: The printer is efficient, cost-effective, and offers great printing quality and an exclusive performance.

Low Running Costs: The running cost of this Epson sublimation printer is extremely low as it saves around ninety percent of your ink and cuts down on the ink expenses.

Quality Prints: Epson EcoTank ET2720 ensures that your prints are exclusively high-quality with exceptional colors and extraordinary details.

Connectivity: It offers versatile connectivity solutions, including; Wireless, Direct Wi-Fi, and is capable of connecting directly to smartphones, iPads, and tablets.

What do we like?

  • An easy ink replacement system
  • Cost-effective
  • Direct Wi-Fi connectivity
  • High-resolution prints

What don’t we like?

Scans single page at a time

Final Verdict

ET 2720 printer offers you the best sublimation printers, is known to be the best affordable sublimation printer, and is worth every penny you spend on it. A high-quality print with dynamic and vibrant colours is all one wants from a sublimation printer!

8. Epson EcoTank ET 2760

Epson EcoTank ET 2760

Epson EcoTank ET 2760 has all the qualities that a good sublimation printer should have and is known to be the best printer to convert to sublimation; be it printing speed, printing quality, Epson ET 2760 has all those traits that you find in a good sublimation printer. And its low cost is nothing but icing on the cake!

ET 2760 is a very compact printer which means it won’t take a lot of space on your working desk. Talking about the printing speed it prints at a remarkable speed of 10.5 ppm of black and 5.5 ppm of colour printing. It comes with two paper trays which help you in printing multiple prints at a time. It also comes with various wired and wireless connectivity options, you can attach your USB flash drive, SD card, or you can go for the wireless connection and connect directly through Wi-Fi.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: This Epson compact, efficient, and inexpensive sublimation printer is definitely worth every penny spent on it, as the performance is excellent for the low cost.

Voice-Activated Printing: You can take out prints by giving direct voice commands to your Epson ET 2760

Low Running Costs: It saves up to ninety percent of the ink costs, thanks to less frequent ink replacements.

Two Years Free Ink: Two years of ink comes along with the printer, which means your printing projects would be completed just fine, and you can avail uninterrupted printing.

Connectivity: Epson ET 2760 connects easily with the wireless devices and allows a smooth connection.

What do we like?

  • Two paper trays with a paper capacity of 150 sheets
  • Comes with an inbuilt copier and scanner
  • Compact design
  • High-quality printing
  • Wired and wireless connectivity

What don’t we like?

  • Complex for some users

Final Verdict

ET 2760 is overall a very good sublimation printer for beginners. It enables the users a great quality sublimation printing at a very low cost as well as it is well known as the best wide format sublimation printer. 

9. Epson EcoTank ET 2750

Epson EcoTank ET 2750

Epson EcoTank ET 2750 brings you world-shattering printing where it offers you cartridge-free printing and comes with ink tanks that don’t need a refill at all times. The ink that comes with the printer is sufficient for two to three years, and you can save a lot of money when it comes to ink through your reasonably priced ET 2750 sublimation printer.

When it comes to printing speed it is no different than the Epson ET 2760 and prints at 10.5 ppm of black printing and 5.5 ppm of colour printing. Coming next to the connectivity options it offers you wireless connectivity which means you can easily take out prints by connecting your smartphones, tablets, pads, etc. to your sublimation printer via direct Wi-Fi! Moreover, front buttons and LCD screen helps you to control your printer efficiently and manage your sublimation printing easily!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Epson ET 2750 is an efficient printer with decent printing quality and good printing speed. it allows you to take out good quality prints, best printer for home. 

Cartridge Free Printing: This Epson printer allows cartridge-free printing, and instead of cartridges uses mega ink tanks that supply as much ink as 30 cartridges would have.

Automatic Dual-sided Printing: Epson EcoTank ET 2750 is capable of doing dual-sided printing, and, therefore, saves the printing time.

Low Running Cost: The running costs of this Epson model are extremely low as it saves about eighty percent of the ink consumption by replacing the ink cartridges with ink tanks.

Connectivity: It offers to print over Direct Wi-Fi, as well as develops smooth connections with Mobile phones, tablets, and iPads.

What do we like?

  • High-quality printing
  • Decent printing speed
  • Cost-effective
  • Wireless connections
  • Easy to use

What don’t we like?

  • Automatic document feeding is not available

Final Verdict

Epson EcoTank ET 2750 is a good quality printer and holds a respectable position when it comes to sublimation printing. It is the best option for people who are planning to do a lot of sublimation printing because the ink tanks go for quite a long time and you save a lot of money from them.

10. Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Epson EcoTank ET-4760

Want to get a lot of printing work done in a short time span? Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is just the right printer for you. It helps you not only with the sublimation printing but with the bulk printing workload as well. Its control panel is actually a 2.3 inches touch screen that you can spin up and down to set the correct angle. Apart from the control panel, the printer has only two buttons; one opens the menu, other is the home button. Epson never disappoints in the packaging of its printers, hence you will find your printer lying safely in the carton box protected by the thermocol moulds which are basically a safety measure to ensure safe transit of devices.

The printing capability of the Epson ET-4760 is very much satisfactory, the colour tones are flat and the details are pretty much acceptable however, some banding is often seen in some colour spectrums. Epson ET-4760 prints at a great speed if not remarkable, but is overall quite a perfect pace. The printing speed for black is 16ppm; however, colour printing speed is 7ppm. Epson ET-4760is not one of those printers that you have to refill after every use, the ink last for quite a while and in fact, the ink bottles are not expensive at all. So, sublimation printing with Epson Et-4760 is tremendously cost-effective.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: The print quality of this Epson model is more than satisfactory, the colour tones are flat, and the details are pretty much acceptable.

Printing Speed: Epson ET-4760 prints at a great speed if not remarkable, but is overall quite a perfect pace. The printing speed for black is 16ppm; however, colour printing speed is 7ppm.

Low Printing Costs: The ink consumption of this Epson model is pretty much lesser than its competitors, thus provides low running costs and cuts down on ink prices.

Touchscreen: A 2.3inches touchscreen display allows the users to control and set up the printer easily. Also the navigation is pretty smooth.

Connectivity: It offers multiple connectivity solutions including; Wireless, connects to smart phones, tablets, and iPads.

What do we like?

  • Remarkably low printing costs
  • Respectable printing speeds
  • Wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Multiple connectivity options

What don’t we like?

  • Very heavy

Final Verdict

The overall efficiency and functioning of the Epson ET-4760 are great and offer the best user experience to beginners in sublimation printing. Nonetheless, if you are a professional and colour accuracy is what you want from your printer then it might not be the best choice for you. Otherwise, you will enjoy the printing and scanning journey with your Epson EcoTank Et-4760.

11.Epson WorkForce WF 7210

Epson WorkForce WF 7210

Epson WorkForce WF 7210 like other Epson WF printers is a budget-friendly printer that helps you print high-resolution sublimation printing at home. You can carry out your sublimation projects on a wide range of fabrics of your choice. Epson WF 7210 has great picture quality with vibrant colours and not to forget that the colour accurateness is amazing as well. 

Epson WF 7210 helps you save a lot of money not from the printer itself but by consuming eighty percent less power than other printers used for sublimation printing. Controlling your WF 7210 is made easier as it is equipped with a 2.2’ inches screen. Coming to the connectivity options, you have both wired and wireless connectivity options. 

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Offers high-resolution sublimation printing on a variety of fabric material, offers fine details and precise colors, as well as is cost-effective.

Energy Saving: Epson WorkForce WF 7210 saves the power consumption by consuming up to eighty percent less power than its competitors in the market.

Low Running Cost: The purchase price of this Epson model is quite budget-friendly and the running costs are pretty reasonable too, not to forget the energy saving element of this Epson unit.

Connectivity: It offers multiple connectivity solutions including both the wired and the wireless connectivity solutions.

What do we like?

  • Paper capacity of 500 sheets and two paper trays
  • Decent printing speed
  • Touch screen for better control
  • Wired and wireless connectivity

What don’t we like?

  • The user might need to install added software

Final Verdict

Cost-effectiveness, decent speed, and high-quality images are great features of the Epson WorkForce WF 7210 sublimation printers, and these are the salient features that every user wants in the sublimation printer, making WF 7210 a god option for beginners.

12. Epson Artisan 1430

Epson Artisan 1430

It is actually a wide-format printer that works remarkably as a sublimation printer and provides the best user experience to the customers. Epson Artisan is capable of printing paper sizes as large as 13*19. Epson printers are great with sublimation projects and know how to come up to the expectations of the users.

Epson Artisan 1430 held a great reputation in the printing quality by offering an image resolution of 5760*1440dpi which is pretty much impressive for a sublimation printer. Epson Artisan connects through both wired and wireless connections which mean you can connect your printer via Ethernet, USB cable, or via direct Wi-Fi. Moreover, the printer comes with an SD card reader which has made things way easier!

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Epson 1430 offers exceptional performance, the print quality, and speed are pretty exclusive too.

Printing Quality: Epson Artisan 1430 held a great reputation in the printing quality by offering an image resolution of 5760*1440dpi.

Connectivity: The connectivity solutions are pretty versatile and include; USB, Ethernet, SD card, Wireless, Wi-Fi Direct, etc.

Individual Cartridge System: Individual cartridge system is a wonderful feature that Epson introduced in this model, you don’t have to buy the whole 5 or 6 colored cartridge if you run out of just one color.

What do we like?

  • Various connectivity options
  • Individual cartridges
  • Is capable of reading SD cards
  • High-resolution printing quality

What don’t we like?

  • Costly

Final Verdict

With all the salient features Epson Artisan 1430 is the sublimation printer that everyone wants. The wide range of connectivity options made it the eye candy of people who are into sublimation printing, and not to forget that SD card reading capability is a cherry on the top!

Best Sublimation Printer For Beginners 2022 Buying Guide

Though you have a lot of options when it comes to sublimation printers, there are a few things that you should never overlook when buying a sublimation printer. The choice is yours to make, but we are sharing our best perspective that will help you to make a better choice easily.

Print Quality

If you own a sublimation printing business and you don’t want to lose your customers by giving them low-quality prints then print quality should be your top priority. Look for a printer that offers high resolution and best quality images. The best sublimation printer for beginners must have most of these features, if not all;

Printing Speed

Slow and steady wins the race is true but that does not mean you should settle for slow printing sublimation printers. Check the demand of your business and then make the right choice.


The more connectivity options a printer has, the more compatible it is. A wide range of wired and wireless connectivity options mean that you don’t have to be troubled about how to connect with your sublimation printer.

Paper Tray

Paper trays play a significant role in the sublimation projects and choose your printer very wisely. Printers that offer dual paper trays or large paper trays are far more compatible than printers with small paper trays.

Final Thought

Sublimation printing is a very fun activity; be it launching your own merchandise, selling customized coffee mugs, sublimation T-shirts, or the cute earrings that you want to gift your sister on her birthday. The buzz they have created in both the online and offline printing markets have made them a necessity in the printing fields and everyone wants a sublimation printer whether a brand new one or a converted one. The top three best sublimation printer for beginners according to us are;

Epson WorkForce WF-7720, is an overall great printer, and works pretty perfectly when compared to its predecessors like workforce 7710. The fact that it has two paper trays and is the cheapest sublimation printer is the one that we love the most.

Epson HD XP-15000 is our runner up when it comes to the top sublimation printers. It is a best wide format sublimation printer that has printing capacity up to 13*19. High printing speed, touch screen controls and high-resolution images are its features.

Last but not least Sawgrass SG500 and Epson Artisan 1430 are superb choices too. These professional sublimation printers are definitely worth buying! Well, some people are into creating Cricut design and want to give a fresh look to their sublimation projects through Cricut designs, for them our top choices are Epson ET 2720 and Epson ET 2760Both of these printers are the best sublimation printers for Cricut.


What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a process of transferring designs to the materials of your choice, be it ceramics, fabrics, coffee mugs, mats, etc.

How to sublimate a shirt?

You can transfer any design or print onto shirts or any other fabric by a process called sublimation. You simply need a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, sublimation ink, a shirt, a heat press, and of course your favourite designs to sublimate a shirt!

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is basically the process or technique of transferring the prototype design onto a flat-surfaced material with the help of ink, scrapper, and a mesh screen.

How to make sublimation transfers?

Sublimation transfers are basically made using a heat press. You start with setting the temperature of your heat press according to your material, secondly, you place a butcher paper inside of the material if it’s a fabric, and then you put your transfer onto the fabric pressing it gently. 

Can I do Sublimation printing using my Laser Printer?

Yes, a laser printer can be converted and used as a sublimation printer, but you should not forget that it won’t function as good as a sublimation printer.

Can I use my Epson printers for both normal printing and sublimation printing?

No, a printer once converted or used for sublimation printing cannot go back to its normal printing, if done so there are great chances of device damage.

Which ink is used in sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing ink is different from normal printing ink and depends on the printer, however, the quality of the sublimation ink decide the quality of your print.

What can you sublimate on?

Well, you have got a wide range of materials which includes; fabrics, aluminium, ceramic, PVC, polycotton, etc. from which you can choose.

Can I sublimate my cotton fabrics?

Yes, you can sublimate entirely all the different varieties of fabrics. However, great care is needed when sublimating cotton fabrics as the fabric withstand low heat, thus temperature parameters should be kept in mind.

Is sublimation ink permanent?

Yes, sublimation ink is permanent. However, the image quality depends on your ink, if you are using good ink your sublimation will remain fresh and vibrant forever.