Can Epson ET 4800 Be Used For Sublimation Printing?

Epson is a renowned brand offering top-class machines for sublimation printing, and Epson ET 4800 is no exception. Being one of the best Epson sublimation printers on the market today, it offers excellent features and exclusive specs to allow users to conduct professional and superior-class sublimation printing. It is a wide-format sublimation printer proficient in conducting business-class printing.

Epson EcoTank 4800 for Sublimation

Epson EcoTank 4800 for Sublimation

Starting with the printing resolution of this Epson Eco Tank printer, it offers a great resolution of 1440*1440dpi. The quality thus is great and the features and specs provided are worth the price. The vivid and dynamic colors give the prints a more realistic and precise nature.

With Ultra-fine High-definition five-colored ink system, the expansion width increases up to 48inches, and the colors produced are full of details. The printing speed of this machine ranges up to 2’07 pages per second; Epson Eco Tank 4800 truly is a fantastic sublimation printing machine.

Apart from the printer’s resolution, the feature that decides the quality of your print is the printer’s print head. Epson 4800 sublimation printer has a well-polished print head and ensures top-notch print quality without increasing the running costs.

Epson EcoTank Et4800 lies in the list of one of the best sublimation printers for heat transfer as its quality for printing t-shirts is unmatchable. The machine offers exclusive large-format printing, you can print banners, flex, cards, signs, etc..

Highlighted Features:

Wide-Format Printing with Premium Inks: Epson EcoTank 4800 sublimation printer is proficient for printing media from 36inches up to a max width of 48inches. It is equipped with two different media holding trays capable of holding input media up to 7-8inches wide. Furthermore, the five-colored ink system offers precise, detailed prints full of bright colors. The five colors include; black, red, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Built-in Memory and Easy Navigation: This Epson Eco Tank model has a built-in memory of 5GB to store data. One GB memory is capable of storing up to five thousand prints. Therefore, data storage is not an issue anymore, as you won’t be facing any of the storage issues. Moreover, an LCD display makes navigation and control a lot easier. Users don’t have to struggle with navigation at all.

Zero Cartridge Wastage Ink System: Eco Tank printers are all about low running costs and fewer ink replacements. This Epson Eco Tank model also ensures cartridge-free printing and helps the users to cut down on ink costs. One ink bottle holds equivalent ink of 90 cartridges.

Stress-Free Printing:  ET-4800 is one of the Epson sublimation printers that come with 2 years of free ink in the box. You can conduct uninterrupted printing for up to two whole years without worrying about replacing or refilling your ink bottles.

Micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology for Exclusive Printing: The exclusive Micro Piezo technology makes sure that your text is crispy and sharp and that your colored prints are dynamic, vivid, and beautiful. This remarkable sublimation printing technology is what makes your print as professional and first-class as ever.

Pros and Cons of Epson ET-4800


Smudge-proof and perfect Prints

One of the major pros of this printing machine is its ability to produce smooth, color-correct, and smudge-proof images that are perfect to every extent. Thanks to this machine’s print head, the text and prints are sharp, and no spreading and smothering of ink is seen on the prints as the print head does not let that happen while printing.

Dryer Works Pretty Perfectly

The print dryer of the Epson 4800 sublimation printer works perfectly with textured as well as glossy paper making the prints remarkable. Furthermore, this makes the printer a great choice for business printing, and with low running costs, it is definitely an affordable choice.

Great for Printing Photos

Epson Eco Tank ET-4800 is an exclusive sublimation printing machine with incredible quality for photo printing as well as transferring exclusive designs on unique surfaces and different materials. It definitely is a great pick for commercial use!


Does NOT Print Roll Media

The ink system of the Epson ET4800 does not support printing over roll media. Additional cartridges have to be bought for printing over roll media, making it an expensive choice for commercial printing over roll media; therefore, it is not a great pick for businesses that require roll media printing.

How to Convert Eco Tank ET-4800 to Sublimation Printer?

 It is a frequently asked question, and the answer is ‘Yes.’ You can convert Epson ET-4800 by sampling by replacing its’ ink bottles with sublimation cartridges or sublimation ink bottles.

Will replacing the ink system affect the functioning of the printer? No, you will get exclusive, high-definition prints from your sublimation converted Epson Eco Tank 4800.

Why is Epson Eco Tank ET-4800 an incredible option for Sublimation Printing?

The capability of ET-4800 to work with different materials is what makes it an exclusive option for sublimation printing. You can print unique designs over bags, mugs, and fabrics, including T-shirts, to level up your creativity while conducting sublimation printing.

Epson Eco Tank ET-4800 surely allows you to get creative by providing high-quality printing on different surfaces.

Epson Eco Tank ET-2760 VS Epson Eco Tank ET-4800

ET-4800 and ET-2760 are built with the same design, and both the machines are sturdy and robust; however, they do differ from each other when it comes to specs. Let’s see where the difference lies;

Roller Width

Epson Eco Tank 2760 has a roller width of 4.5inches ranging up to 6inches, whereas Epson Eco Tank 4800 has a roller width of 7-8inches.

Media Size

Epson Eco Tank 2760 can proficiently handle media sizes up to 30inches, whereas, Eco Tank 4800 can print media sizes up to 36inches.


Epson 2760 has a max resolution of 600*600dpi, while Eco Tank 4800 has a max printing resolution of 1440*1440dpi.

Over to You!

Epson Eco Tank ET-4800 has got everything that a good-quality sublimation printer should have. It offers great printing quality for commercial printing, making it a top pick for businesses that require a cost-effective sublimation printer with extremely low running costs.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and user-friendly sublimation printing machine, Eco Tank 4800 is made just for you!