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Almost everyone who is familiar with the printing industry is familiar with sublimation printing, and the role of the best sublimation paper, in enhancing the quality of the sublimation printing. However, if you are not familiar with the printing market, it does not mean that you cannot conduct your printing projects.

 Putting light on the sublimation paper, it is the paper that is used in the process called sublimation printing and plays a great role in determining the quality of your sublimation prints. Thus, using the best sublimation paper is the demand of professional sublimation printing.

Our Top Picks

A-SUB Sublimation paper

A-sub sublimation paper

Koala Sublimation Paper

Koala Sublimation Paper

10 Best Sublimation Paper of 2022

We are well aware of the fact that sublimation printers are not the only necessity of sublimation printing; sublimation paper and sublimation ink also play a great role in completing the process of sublimation. Like sublimation printers, you will find several options when it comes to the sublimation paper in the market, and finding the best sublimation paper can be quite tiring for those who are new in the business. It won’t happen anymore; because we will be discussing some of the best sublimation papers in the market. After reading this blog to the very end, you will definitely be able to pick out the one that suits best with your business and your sublimation printer.

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110 SHEETS (3.5*9), 150 SHEETS (8.5*14)
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cordlessblower TONHA SUBLIMATION PAPER SIZE: 8.5*11
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1. Koala sublimation paper

Koala Sublimation Paper

Koala sublimation paper is the best paper for sublimation and will definitely come up to all the expectations of your sublimation and dye-sublimation printing. It offers a versatile range of features with multiple ranges in weight and size. You will find Koala sublimation paper in almost all sizes, and thus, this sublimation paper can be used in the best large format sublimation printers, as the large format printers are capable of printing large paper sizes of up to 13*19inches.

The reason behind putting this sublimation paper on the top of the list is because of its rare and salient features. One of the most eminent features of this sublimation paper is that its’ thickness is of the size that prevents your sublimation folds from creasing and folding. The folded and creased transfers give a dirty and very unprofessional look, which will definitely disturb your customer service, and believe me, nobody wants creased sublimated transfers. In numerals, the thickness ranges from 120-130GSM, which is more than perfect for giving your transfers a neat and tidy look free from crinkles and wrinkles!

Entering the sublimation business, or just any business, there are many things that require heavy investment to give a white-collar quality. Nevertheless, Koala sublimation paper does not require heavy investment and comes at a very reasonable price, which means that it won’t eat up all your investment money, and you can easily use the rest of it to buy a more durable and reliable sublimation printer instead.

Some of the beginners in the sublimation printing industry are not an only novice to the sublimation process but are also new to the gadgets and other assets involved in that process. In such cases, if there is something complicated, it would be quite troublesome for them to handle the machinery and the other things involved. However, the Koala sublimation paper is effortless to work with and is user-friendly.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It has multiple features and specs to offer an incredible performance for sublimation transfers.

Crease-Free Paper: Koala offers a thickness of 120-140GSM, optimal to provide fold-free and crease-free sublimation prints.

Fade-proof Colors: The colors on this sublimation paper do not fade that easily and thus, is a great paper for best color reproduction for sublimating materials.

Sizes Up to 13*19inches: Koala sublimation paper comes in sizes as large as 13*19inches, and is great for large-format printing.

Heat Press Sublimation Printers: Koala sublimation paper works great with heat press sublimation printers where it offers and exclusive quality and beautiful color reproduction.

What do we like?

  • Dries very quickly
  • Crispy and crease-free prints
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Colors are fade-proof
  • Great quality

What don’t we like?

  • Works with heat press sublimation printers only

Final Verdict

Koala sublimation paper is the best paper for sublimation printing and offers excellent features and specifications for a very reasonable price. It is beginner-friendly and comes in a variety of sizes and weights. You can print small-sized prints of 4*6 inches as well as large-sized prints of 13*19inches. The output prints are free from crinkles, and you won’t find any creases or folds on your prints, thanks to the thickness of the Koala sublimation paper, making Koala the best sublimation paper for heat press.


A-sub sublimation paper

A-sub sublimation is the overall best sublimation paper that suits almost all the sublimation printer brands that hold high repute in the market. Be it the best sublimation printer for photos or the best sublimation printer for t-shirts, and you are definitely going to love how your prints turn out using this sublimation paper.

This sublimation paper can be used for sublimating different materials like phone cases, tiles, ceramics, and metal. Moreover, it is the best sublimation paper for mugs and satisfies users with every kind of sublimation process conducted on every known sublimation material. But, of course, ceramics and metals are not the only materials that you can sublimate on, A- sub sublimation paper can also be used to sublimate on cotton and polyester, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the best sublimation paper for cotton.

A- sub sublimation paper is capable of producing prints of different sizes, as it comes in multiple sizes ranging from small to large. The range goes from 8.5*11 to 13*19 inches, thus can be used in both small and large format sublimation printers. Moving forward to the thickness of this sublimation paper, the thickness ranges from 120-130GSM, making it competent for crease and crinkle-free printing. A thick sublimation paper is a necessity, as it is able to hold stress and does not folds easily, thus maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the paper.

The quality of this sublimation paper cannot be doubted as its ink holding capacity is remarkable, and the precision and details of the color are fade-proof, making this sublimation paper worth buying in every possible way. However, all these specifications and great features definitely come at a price, making this sublimation paper a bit more costly than all the others in the market.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: A-sublimation paper is a versatile paper that works great with almost all the sublimation printers, offering great performance and superior quality.

Sublimate on Cotton and Polyester :It is an incredible option when conducting sublimation printing on cotton and polyesters as the quality is unmatched.

Crispy, Crinkle-free Printing: A-sublimation paper is crinkle and crease-free, thanks to its perfect thickness of 120-130GSM, which makes sure that your prints look professional and classy.

Fade-proof : The colors and prints look as detailed as you printed them, because this paper is fade-proof and you don’t have to worry about its quality.

Size up to 13*19inches: The size ranges from 8.5*11inches to 13*19inches that offers you to print designs of different sizes allowing wide-format printing.

What do we like?

  • Excellent quality paper
  • Fade-proof
  • Thick paper
  • Crinkle and wrinkle-free
  • Ink dries quickly
  • Ink absorbs efficiently

What don’t we like?

  • Expensive

Final Verdict

A- sub sublimation paper is the best sublimation paper for t-shirt printing, with excellent ink absorbing quality and remarkable ability to dry the ink. Moreover, the paper is crimp-free, maintaining the neatness of the prints. However, you have to pay some extra bucks for all these extraordinary specifications and features, making the A- sub sublimation paper an expensive option.

3. DyeMaster – Most Advanced


It is a great sublimation paper enriched with the advanced and latest features and specifications, making it one of the best sublimation papers available. The ink dries up very quickly on this sublimation paper, and you will get to see how beautifully the colors have been transferred to your sublimation paper. As a result, the sublimation paper plays a greater role in sublimation printing and determines the quality of your prints.

This paperwork only with the sublimation inks and is the finest sublimation papers for Epson printers. You can easily use it with the Epson best sublimation printers for photos, and you will be amazed by the capability and proficiency of this sublimation paper. Apart from being an efficient paper for the Epson printers, this sublimation paper is also capable of transferring the sublimation designs onto a number of materials, including ceramics, wood, metal, fabric, polyester, etc. However, this sublimation paper is not the best choice for transferring sublimation designs onto dark-colored polyester garments and suits best with the light-colored or white-colored fabric.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: It is an excellent quality sublimation paper with exclusive specs to offer superior performance.

Quick Drying: The ink dries up pretty quickly on Dye Master Sublimation paper, allowing you to use your prints as soon as you print them.

Versatile:The sublimation paper is pretty versatile when it comes to transferring sublimation designs on different materials such as wood, ceramics, fabric, polyester, etc.

Light Colored Fabrics: It is an exclusive sublimation paper for white and light garments as the color reproduction and precision of details is unmatched.

What do we like?

  • Print dries in three seconds
  • Affordable
  • Fantastic color reproduction
  • Vibrant color with precise details
  • Durable and long-lasting

What don’t we like?

  • Ink gets smudged once in a while

Final Verdict

DyeMaster sublimation paper is one of the finest and most decent quality sublimation papers on the market. Its ability to reproduce colors is amazing, and you will definitely love how vivacious and vibrant the colors are, making the images look as lively as real. It is thus an affordable option that offers superb quality like no other in the market.

4. Siser EasySubli


Siser EasySubli is by far the best sublimation paper for t-shirts and a remarkable sublimation paper for cotton. Since this paper works great with cotton and polyester, it is widely used for sublimation printing on these materials. Furthermore, you can use this sublimation paper to heat transfer your designs to both colored and white polyester and cotton materials. Yes, you can change the designs of your colored t-shirts by sublimating on them; moreover, you don’t have to worry if your customer demands colored sublimated shirts.

You don’t have to look for the best printer for Cricut because these pages are already cut, and they are all set to be used for your heat transfer projects. Just put your Siser EasySubli sublimation paper into your sublimation printer, and you are good to go with your printing expedition!

The market is loaded with expensive paper sheets for sublimation printing, but not everyone has the budget to spend some extra bucks on the sublimation paper. Be it beginners, or professional people who have been in the printing industry for years, everybody is looking for cheap options when it comes to sublimation paper, and not just some random affordable options, but the ones that provide great quality and do not act as a barrier. The good news for all these people is Siser EasySubli comes at a very affordable price and does not go heavy on your budget. And by lowering the price, Siser has not compromised even a bit on the quality, so you can pick this sublimation paper without worrying.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Siser EasySubli goes with one of the best sublimation printers to offer the best performance, especially on polyester and cotton.

Dark Colored Fabric printing: This professional high-quality sublimation printer is capable of transferring prints even on the dark-colored fabrics.

Ready to Use: The paper does not need to go through a Cricut machine to cut it, because its precut into different sizes, saving your from trouble and offering ready to use paper.

Fade-proof: Like most of the top-quality sublimation papers, Siser EasySubli also provides fade-proof quality for your quality prints.

What do we like?

  • Excellent quality
  • Vibrant colors
  • Fade-proof
  • Compatible with dark colored fabric
  • Ready to use – pre-cut
  • Inexpensive

What don’t we like?

  • Works with heat transfer sublimation printer only

Final Verdict

Siser EasySubli sublimation paper is a great sublimation printer for printing t-shirts. It is by far the best sublimation paper for dark t-shirts, and you can easily get excellent sublimation printing or dark shaded fabric, be it cotton or polyester. One big plus point of this sublimation paper is that you can use it directly, and there is no need to cut it.

5. S-RACE Sublimation Paper

S-RACE Sublimation Paper

S-RACE sublimation paper is an all-rounder sublimation paper that comes up to all the expectations of the users and is built to satisfy almost all the people who are into sublimation printing. The manufacturing of this sublimation paper is made such as to ensure that it lacks nothing and can sublimate on various different materials.

The materials that you can sublimate using S-RACE sublimation paper are metal, glass, wood that is covered with polyester. In addition, S-RACE sublimation paper is coated with a special material, making it the best sublimation transfer paper for mouse pads, phone cases, key chains, ceramic, and polyester.

The most eminent and highlighted feature of this sublimation printer is its drying capability. If you are using a good quality sublimation ink such as; cosmos ink on your S-RACE sublimation paper, you will definitely get top-notch quality, and the prints will dry up pretty quickly without giving you the trouble of waiting.

It is the best sublimation paper for inkjet printers, and it would not be wrong to say that the quality of this sublimation paper is enhanced when working with inkjet printers. The quality is worthy of using this sublimation paper for your professional and business sublimation printing. This sublimation paper is also capable of saving your ink, as it gives high-quality prints by using a limited ink supply. This does not affect precision, color details, and the general excellence of the image.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: S-Race is a sublimation paper designed to offer the premium quality performance and lacks nothing when it comes to specs.

Fast Drying: Inks dry up pretty quickly on the S-Race sublimation paper, making it a great option for business printing to increase efficiency.

Premium Quality Printing with Inkjet Printers: It offers an exclusive quality when working with the inkjet printers, and produce one of the most beautiful and detailed prints.

Fade-proof: S-Race sublimation paper comes in the list sublimation papers that consume less ink and still provide fade-proof prints.

What do we like?

  • Extraordinary quality with Inkjet printers
  • Fade-proof
  • High-quality paper
  • Vibrant colors
  • Great precision and detail
  • High-quality manufacture

What don’t we like?

  • Nil

Final Verdict

S-RACE sublimation paper is a great sublimation paper for printing that offers all the specifications and features that one must look for in a sublimation paper. It is contrived with a superb-quality substance which further ensures that your prints are extraordinary. It is the finest sublimation paper for inkjet printers and works great with these sublimation printers.

6. Printers Jack sublimation paper


Printers Jack sublimation paper is one of the top class sublimation papers existing in the market. Your prints will definitely stand out in the market because the precision and color quality that the Printers Jack sublimation paper ensures stands out in the market every single time. All the users who are looking for a sublimation paper that does not affect the color detail and the precision of the design should definitely consider this top-quality sublimation paper.

The transfer rate of the ink to the sublimate of the Printers Jack sublimation paper is ninety-eight percent, which determines the print quality and color precision, and accuracy of your prints. The users are able to save a lot of money using the printer Jack sublimation paper because firstly, it comes at a very reasonable price, and secondly, it consumes very little ink allowing you to save some extra bucks by consuming less ink.

The printer’s jack sublimation paper has all the salient features that the top-notch sublimation papers in the market have except one, which is that it is not as thick as most of the top-quality sublimation papers are. As well, as it does not give a very wide variety when it comes to the sizes of the sublimation paper, it definitely offers a lot for its low price. Other than the thickness, the weight of the Printers Jack sublimation paper is considerably less than its competitors in the market.

Another perk of Printers Jack sublimation paper is that it is readily available on the market, and you don’t have to worry if you run out of paper as you can have Amazon ship it directly to your door, unlike some of the sublimation papers that are hard to find and once you run out of them you have to wait for the next supply, and until then your business is automatically put to a stop.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: Printers Jack sublimation paper is one of the high-quality papers with superior-quality performance that no other offers.

Ink Transfer Rate: The ink transfer rate of the Printers Jack Sublimation paper is as high as 98percent making it one of the best quality papers that ensure quality, color accuracy, and precision.

Low Ink Consumption: Unlike most of the sublimation papers, it consumes less ink without compromising the quality.

Readily Available: Printer Jack sublimation paper is easily available, and you don’t have to go to lengths to order it.

What do we like?

  • Affordable price
  • Great Precision and detail
  • Beautiful colors
  • 98% transfer rate
  • Fade-proof
  • Saves ink- low consumption

What don’t we like?

  • Lacks variety in size

Final Verdict

Printers Jack sublimation paper is a great sublimation paper with a high transfer rate which means that you will receive your print as clear, colorful, and beautiful as the image. This sublimation paper offers great quality and consumes considerably low ink; however, it lacks thickness and weight.

7. EDIY Sublimation Paper


If you are looking for a sublimation paper to work with polyester and synthetic materials, there is no better option than the EDIY sublimation paper. EDIY has been in the field for more than any other sublimation paper brand in the market. EDIY sublimation paper can only work with the sublimation ink, and it is nothing less than impossible to use it with any normal ink available on the market.

The manufacturers provide detailed instructions on how to use this sublimation paper; hence, it can be used by both beginner and qualified users, not just that the instructions help the users to troubleshoot any problem they face while working with this sublimation paper.

You can only print on one side of this sublimation paper, and an indicator is given on the printable side of this sublimation paper. So, whenever printing with EDIY sublimation paper, always look for the printable side before loading it into your printer. Sometimes the printable side is white, and the back is the colored side so that the printable side can be easily differentiated from the other side.

Highlighted Features:

Performance:  EDIY is one of the oldest sublimation papers with top-quality performance for sublimation printing.

User-Friendly: The manufacturers have given detailed instructions on how to use this sublimation paper, thus making it easy to use even for the novice users.

Max Ink Absorption: The paper is proficient in absorbing max ink to give accuracy and detail. Furthermore, works at different temperatures.

Premium Quality:  Manufacturers guarantee the maximal ink absorption on EDIY sublimation paper, thus guaranteeing the maximal quality of this paper to aid in first-class sublimation printing.

What do we like?

  • High transfer rate
  • Great print quality
  • Full ink absorption at all temperatures
  • Maximum ink absorption is guaranteed

What don’t we like?

  • Drying is slow

Final Verdict

EDIY is a name in the sublimation paper market, as they have been in the field for far more time than other brands, so they definitely know their area of work. EDIY sublimation paper offers great print quality and has a decent transfer rate; however, the drying is slower than many of its counterparts available in the market.

8. Texprint Sublimation Paper


People who are into sublimation printing are well aware of the fact that the sublimation paper has a fine layer of coating on the surface of the paper. This coating is very exclusive and distinctive and is specifically made to transfer the design on different materials like mugs, ceramic, mobile phone cases, etc. The sublimation paper is capable of holding the design because of this coating, and the vibrant and vivid colors of your prints are also because of this exceptional coating on the sublimation paper.

Highlighted Features:

Performance: INNOSUB offers excellent performance by transferring superior quality prints on the sublimation materials.

Versatile : It is capable of transferring sublimation designs on a variety of different materials.

Works Exclusively on Different Surfaces: Not all the sublimation papers are capable of transferring sublimation designs onto different surfaces, but INNOSUB store text-print dye sublimation paper doesn’t falls in the list.

Fade-Proof: By allowing the maximum ink absorption and maximal ink transfer, this sublimation paper offers fade-proof sublimation prints on different materials.

What do we like?

  • Vivid and bright colors prints
  • Transfer prints on different materials
  • Works efficiently on different surfaces
  • Fade-proof

What don’t we like?

  • It takes a lot of time to print

Final Verdict

Textprint sublimation paper is a good sublimation paper that comes with a special coating that makes it proficient in printing on different kinds of materials; however, it takes a lot of time in printing and is not the best option for business printing.

9. Tonha Sublimation Paper


Tonha sublimation paper is one of the smoothest and silkiest sublimation papers that offer great specifications and features which are found in the best sublimation paper. The weight of the Tonha paper is considerably low when compared to the other sublimation papers available in the market. However, the weight of this sublimation paper increases once you have printed on it or heat transferred your design. The sublimation ink increases the weight of the sublimation paper once the design is transferred.

The softness and smoothness of this sublimation paper increase the quality of the prints, and they are as smooth and silky as this sublimation paper itself. The silkiness of this sublimation paper also eliminates the risks of paper sticking in the sublimation printer, and it comes out of the printer neatly and smoothly. This unique feature also eliminates the risk of the disruption of your design once the paper gets stuck in the printer; hence, your designs are precise and vibrant once they come out of the printer smoothly.

Although the sublimation paper is enriched with excellent features, it is not as user-friendly as most of the sublimation papers. Novice users might face some difficulty when using this sublimation paper for their sublimation printing projects.

Highlighted Features:

Performance:  Tonha is offering high-quality, smooth, and silky sublimation papers with unmatched performance.

Soft and Smooth:  One of the salient features of Tonha sublimation paper is that its smooth, silky, and soft and thus has great capability of transferring prints.

Precise and Color Correct Prints:  With its fine quality, Tonha sublimation paper is capable of producing colorful, and precise prints by exclusively transferring max ink to the materials.

Premium Quality for Professional Use:  It offers high-quality design transferring, and proficiently takes care of business prints; however, beginners might find it difficult to use.

What do we like?

  • Medium to low weight
  • Excellent quality
  • Smooth and silky
  • Cost-effective

What don’t we like?

  • Gradual line printing disturbs the durability

Final Verdict

Tonha sublimation paper is one of the best sublimation papers, with smooth and silky nature that ensures hassle-free printing. The print quality is great no matter what kind of material you are sublimating on. The end feel of the paper is silky and smooth.

10. Fole Sublimation Paper


Fole sublimation paper is one of the names that emerge whenever it comes to business or professional sublimation printing. Especially the businessmen who are looking for a fast yet efficient option must consider this sublimation paper as it is the best sublimation printer paper. Fole sublimation paper is capable of making the printing process pretty smooth and fast, and you get the prints simply as soon as you give the command.

This sublimation paper is proficient in holding the original colors for pretty long, making it one of the long-lasting sublimation papers in the market. In addition to the fade-proof colors, the details and color accuracy are pretty remarkable as well. Fole sublimation paper is a cheap option when compared to its counterparts in the market, and not to forget that the printing quality is not compromised at all and provides fast and professional printing as well.

It is by far the finest sublimation paper for inkjet printers and offers a transfer rate of ninety percent. It works efficiently with polyester and thus proves to be a great sublimation paper for cotton. And in addition to its fast printing speed, the drying speed is pretty commendable too. With this sublimation paper, forget about wasting hours on drying your projects; you can ship your sublimates to the customers as soon as you finish printing them; yes, it dries that fast!

Highlighted Features:

Performance:  Fole is a brand that produces sublimation paper for business printing, therefore, the quality and performance is unquestionable.

Fade-Proof and Long-Lasting Prints: The prints produced on Fole sublimation paper are not only fade-proof, but last for long than any other sublimation paper. You don’t have to worry about wearing out of ink.

90 percent Transfer Rate:  With a maximal transfer rate of 90 percent it is an efficient paper for professional sublimation printing as color accuracy and precision is guaranteed.

Fast drying:  Only professionals in the printing industry know the worth of a fast drying sublimation paper, as it allows you to print faster and ship the products to the customers without wasting much time.

Great Performance with Fabrics: Fole sublimation paper allows max performance on fabrics, as the design is transferred with precision and full bright colors.

What do we like?

  • Affordable price
  • Stunning colors
  • Great precision and details of the colors
  • Excellent compatibility with inkjet printers
  • Works great with the fabric of different varieties

What don’t we like?

  • No diversity in size

Final Verdict

Fole sublimation paper is a good sublimation paper and offers great print quality at a fast speed. It allows the ink to dry up pretty fast, allowing you to cover up your printing projects in less time. It offers stunning colors and precision of the prints and has a transfer rate of ninety percent.

Best Epson Sublimation Printer 2022 Buying Guide

We put a lot of effort into the buying guide as it holds immense importance when you are looking for the best sublimation paper on the market. The web is flooded with different sublimation papers, and everybody is talking big about how good the sublimation papers are while they miss the main information about the product, and the users fall into the trap and end with the wrong products. Though all the sublimation papers in the market are of excellent quality and excel each other when put to competition, the main thing is that the sublimation paper needs to go well with your sublimation projects. We hope that our buying guide will help you in making the right decision;

Drying Time

Who would want to waste time in drying when there are numerous options available on the market with the sublimation paper that is capable of drying up pretty fast and easily? The sublimation papers that need less time to dry up are the best ones in the market as they enhance the productivity of your business by allowing you to print vastly as the drying process needs no time. Most people overlook this feature, but believe me; it helps you a lot, so you must consider it when choosing the sublimation paper.

Quality of the Color

The vividness and the precision of the colors of your prints are very important, especially when you are conducting professional sublimation projects. You would never want your customers to see prints that have dull colors and lack precision. So, the color quality of the sublimation paper plays a greater role in the efficiency of the business. It does not matter if you are using Epson ET 15000, or Epson 7210; if you are using low-quality sublimation paper, your prints are nerve going to make it up to the top notch quality no matter what.


We know that sometimes the manufacturers of the products limit the compatibility of the products, which means that you can use the product with the compatible options only. Let’s take an example of the Hp refillable ink cartridges, which only go with the HP printers, and you cannot use cartridges that lack HP circuitry in the HP printers. This shows that the manufacturers have limited the compatibility of the HP cartridges. The same goes for the sublimation paper. You may have bought the best sublimation paper in the market, but if it is not showing compatibility with your Epson 1430, is it even worth the money you spent on it?


How unprofessional and embarrassing would it be that your sublimation print fades away before it reaches the customer? Of course, you will never want that to happen, not even in your worst nightmare. This is when the importance of the durability of your sublimation paper comes. Some good-quality sublimation papers might disrupt the colors of your images; you never know what will happen if you haven’t done enough research on your product. So, it is immensely important to check the durability of your sublimation paper before spending money on it, and always go for the durable, long-lasting sublimation papers only!

Each and every of the afore-mentioned specifications are what make the sublimation paper the best sublimation paper in the market. Do not forget to check all these salient features before getting your hands on the sublimation paper, as we don’t want your money to go down the drain because of the lack of research.

Transfer Rate

Transfer rate is the rate at which your ink is transferred to the sublimation material from the paper. A top-quality sublimation paper will have a ninety-eight percent transfer rate. And it is considered the minimum rate that a sublimation paper must have in order to offer excellent quality printing. A transfer rate of less than 98% might not offer the vividness and liveliness of the colors that you are looking for.

Final Thought

Using the best sublimation paper has not only become a demand, but a necessity in sublimation printing, as the fate of your sublimation printing lies in the hands of your sublimation paper. It can upgrade as well as degrade the worth of your prints. Here are our top picks, which have proved to be the best sublimation paper so far;

Koala Sublimation Paper has won the top place in the best sublimation papers. It is a thick paper that prevents the paper from creasing, dries up quickly, and offers excellent quality.

A-SUB Sublimation paper is the top-quality paper which is our second pick. It is a thick, crinkle-free sublimation paper that provides crispy prints with superb quality.

DyeMaster sublimation paper is our third pick. It is an all-rounder sublimation paper that works great with different materials and provides prints rich with colors.

We hope that by now, you have chosen the right sublimation paper for your sublimation projects.


What is the best sublimation paper?

The best sublimation paper is the one that dries up quickly, offers superb quality, does not disturb the color accurateness and precision of the details, and is fade-proof.

What’s the best sublimation paper?

A-Sublimation paper, Koala sublimation paper, DyeMaster sublimation paper, Printers Jack sublimation paper are some of the top quality sublimation paper in the printing industry.

What paper to utilize for sublimation?

Sublimation paper is used in the technique known as sublimation printing. Sublimation paper plays a vital role in offering high-quality prints to users.

What is the best paper for sublimation?

The best paper to use in the process of sublimation printing is the sublimation paper, which enhances the print quality and ensures a high transfer rate of the design to your sublimation materials.

What sublimation paper should I use?

There are a number of reputable options available in the market when it comes to sublimation paper; however, the best ones are; Koala sublimation paper, A-sublimation paper, DyeMaster sublimation paper, etc.

Which one is the top-quality sublimation paper for dark-colored fabric?

Siser EasySubli sublimation paper has proved to be one of the best sublimation papers to use with dark-colored garments.

 What is a sublimation paper?

Sublimation paper is a particular type of paper that is used in sublimation printing. This paper holds the ink, which is then transferred to the sublimate material.

Are heat transfer paper and sublimation paper the same?

Heat transfer and sublimation printing are somewhat the same processes; however, there is a little difference between the heat transfer paper and the sublimation paper; the latter does not have an additional layer like the former.

Can sublimation paper be reused?

No, there is no chance of reusing the sublimation paper once you have printer your sublimation designs on them. However, you can check for the product details of the sublimation paper you have.

How to acquire maintenance of the sublimation paper?

The sublimation paper sucks the ink and holds it; it is the normal function of the sublimation paper, which makes it prone to absorbing environmental moisture. You need to keep your sublimation paper in a dry place in order to save it from the dampness and humidity of the surrounding.

What surface of the sublimation paper should I print on?

It is very crucial to know the side of the sublimation paper on which you can print. You need to be very careful with the sublimation paper and look for the indicator that is given on the printable side of the sublimation paper. The indicated side is the printable side.

Can I use my sublimation printer in all printers?

It depends. Some of the sublimation papers show great compatibility with all the sublimation printers. However, some don’t work well with some classes of sublimation printers. Make sure to look for the manufacturer’s instructions before loading your printer with just any sublimation paper.

What do I need to start the sublimation business of my own?

Firstly, you need to choose the domain of sublimation printing on which you want to work. The decision of choosing the sublimate product is totally up to you, you can choose garments or ceramics. Once decided you need to get all the necessary machinery and things used in the sublimation printing, which include sublimation paper, sublimation printer, and sublimation ink.

Is the quality of the product reduced by sublimation printing?

No. It’s reverse in this case. Sublimation printing is something permanent, which you cannot remove by washing or rubbing. And it does not reduce or affect the worth or the performance of the product.

Is daily cleaning necessary to unclog the printer’s nozzles?

Well, it depends totally on the type of printer you are using. If your printer requires daily maintenance in order to function normally, then you must go for it, if not then there is no need. In case of the automatic cleaning printers, leave your printer powered on and let it do the cleaning process automatically.

How to avoid the problems faced by moisture in the sublimation paper?

Save your sublimation paper from humid surrounding so that they don’t catch moisture from the surrounding. In case, your sublimation paper has absorbed moisture, leave it in the heat press room, or you can press your fabric so that the moisture evaporates from the paper.

How to make the sublimation paper absorb less ink?

There are some sublimation papers that consume less ink and help you to save some extra bucks by consuming less ink. You can buy the sublimation paper that absorbs less ink to save your sublimation ink.

What features do the top-quality sublimation papers have in them?

The top-notch sublimation papers are the one that consume less ink, have high transfer rate, dry up quickly, takes less printing time, give high-quality prints, show compatibility with multiple printer brands, produce vibrant and lively colors, etc. All these features are what make the sublimation paper, the excellent choice for the business and professional printing