Best Sublimation Printing Ideas 2022 Top 13 Picks

Personalized products are always a big yes, and there is no adventure bigger than personalizing different products via different processes. Delivering the ideas that we have in our minds onto different products is so satisfying and accomplishing that there is no bigger business than actually doing something that allows you to be creative.

Sublimation printing is one such process that allows you to print different ideas on different products and allows you to customize and personalize different products for potential buyers. One of the best sublimation printing ideas are actually the one that portrays the imagination, as they allow you to be creative more than anything!

Sublimation printing is a vast phenomenon, and the ideas can be as broad as you want them to be. 13 of the best ideas for sublimation printing are enlisted below;

1. T-Shirt Sublimation

Although sublimation printing is quite popular, if we pick one of the most popular sublimation materials, it is the textile sublimation, especially T-shirt sublimation. We are all of them aware of how popular the merchandizes are, same is the case with personalized and customized products. People want to print different pictures and designs on T-shirts more than on anything else.

You can print the design given by the customer himself by editing it via the best sublimation design software for beginnersor you can create a design of your own either way; T-shirt sublimation printing allows you to get creative, and you can print from dozens of sublimation design ideas available on the market.

Sublimation printing is a business that allows you to set standards, as you can create whatever design you want and transfer it to your T-shirts via your sublimation printer. This business generates great revenue for people who have expertise and skills in other fields, such as graphic designing and picture editing, as you don’t have to hire someone else to do this job for you.

2. Sublimation Mugs

Can’t choose what to give to your Mom on Mother’s Day? Well, what’s good than a customized mug with a picture of you and your Mum on it. Mugs can be the most beautiful and sentimental gifts that help you in expressing your feelings in a unique way.

Mug sublimation is the second most popular sublimate material after T-shirts. You can print beautiful wishes and incredible designs and ideas for sublimation printing on mugs so that your customers can choose beautiful gifts for their family and friends.

3. Sublimation Socks

Do you still hide your socks under your jeans? Well, nobody can be that old-fashioned these days to do that. Socks are the new sass in the fashion industry, and they are no longer hidden under your trousers and jeans. This gives you another incredible sublimate material to print different sublimation ideas on and generate revenue with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

4. Sublimation Mobile Phone Cases

Phone cases are yet another way of customizing your overall look and making everything go your way. People love to keep beautiful phones, and the same goes for phone cases. People love to surround themselves with creativity, and phone cases are no exception to it. You can print cool sublimation ideas on the mobile phone cases to generate revenue from your sublimation printing business because who doesn’t like a graphically pleasing case for his/her phone!

Another major reason behind the growing trend of having customized phone cases is because of the Gen Z and millennials who love to keep personalized phone cases bringing sublimation printing on smart phone cases into the limelight.

5. Sublimation Plates

Don’t tell me you use plates in your kitchen only and not in complementing and decorating your homes? Because sublimation plates are quite trendy when it comes to decorating your homes in different ways and different styles.

Everything that is in the trend generates revenue, and sublimation plates are no exception to it. You can print sublimation ideas to sell decorative plates to flourish your sublimation printing business. You can get pretty versatile when printing sublimation designs on the plates as you can use different materials that are compatible with the sublimation printing.

It not only helps you get creative with your business but also helps you target different consumer populace to which you can sell your sublimation plates.

6. Sublimation Pillowcases

How many pillows do you have at home? A lot, probably. Sublimation pillowcases are a big yes because not only can you print numerous sublimation ideas on them, but they are a necessity as they are found in every household.

While we find creativity in everything, pillowcases are not behind anything, and people like to decorate their rooms and beds with customized pillowcases to give a more organized and aesthetically pleasing look to their rooms.

Therefore, printing different sublimation ideas on pillowcases can be a great way of generating revenue via sublimation printing. You can easily print pillowcases using the best wide-format sublimation printer and start your own printing business!

7. Sublimation Flip Flops

Sublimation flip flops are setting the new trends in the fashion industry as they make you look cool, and the Gen Z and millennials always want to look cool, No? You can use different sublimation ideas and get creative to make your flip flops as trendy as possible, and then just wait till your customers see them because they will sell like hot cakes in the market.

Although flip flops might not be as trendy in the Sublimation ideas of 2020 or sublimation ideas of 2021, they have not created a buzz in the market as they sell like crazy and allow you to generate potentially more revenue from your sublimation printing business.

8. Sublimation Face Masks

The Covid-19 pandemic hit globally, and the lack of proper treatment and medication made the people go for preventive measures instead of treatment. Face masks were one of the biggest preventive measures of the pandemic other than isolation.

Hence, face masks became the new normal in no time, and people finally understood that they had to live with it, so why not make it a fashion instead of wearing colored medical masks. This is how the trend of wearing sublimation masks emerged, and people started matching their face masks with their outfits.

Now that masks have become the new trend so why not include it in your sublimation printing business by creating facemasks with cool sublimation ideas to generate revenue via this emerging trend.

9. Sublimation Caps

Caps have always played a great role in completing the outfit and the overall look, and people love to have cool and stylish caps to match their outfits. People who follow fashion trends are well aware of the fact that brands use accessories like caps as their marketing strategies to attract more customer flow towards their business.

Sublimation printing businesses can use this marketing trick, and they can create unique and exclusive designs on the caps to attract flow to their business, as well as they can print customized caps where the customers choose the design he/she wants to get printed on the cap, therefore, generate revenue via this unique sublimation project idea.

10. Sublimation Shoes

Shoes are another big necessity that everyone must have not only to complete the outfit but to wear something on their feet. Apart from being a necessity, shoes play a great role in completing the look, and of course, your shoes must come up to the fashion trends as well. People who run a sublimation printing business can run a shoe brand or shoe business too. You just have to be a little creative, and boom; your sublimation printing business will flourish like none other.

Sublimation printing is so popular that you can even start your own shoe line and introduce it to the market. You just need a good sublimation transfer printer, good-quality shoe blanks, and incredible ideas to start your own shoe brand, which will definitely sell like crazy in the market, leaving your business in profit.

11.Sublimation Mouse Pads

Technology has always been turning the tables. We all have the latest electronic devices and gadgets at home, and desktop computers are one of the items on the long list of gadgets commonly found in every home. Desktop computers or laptops, everybody loves to keep a mouse with their computer systems, because they make the work easy and smooth.

Office setting or home, playing games or doing homework, the mouse has a great role in how we use our desktop computers. And mousepads have become a necessity due to the increased demand for mouse usage. Mousepads make the scrolling easy and smooth, and users are of the view that mousepads make the overall experience more comfortable.

This brings an opportunity for the sublimation printing businesses to customize the mousepads by creating different sublimation designs on the mousepads to sell to the customers. It can be an excellent technique of making revenue via sublimation printing.

12. Canvas Printing

Canvases are used in several unique ways and have a wide range of different uses. Canvas is used for painting, flexes, billboards, and making tents as well. With the versatility of the use of canvases, you can target different populations and a wide range of customers by printing sublimation ideas on the canvas.

You can print stylish tents and beautiful portraits on the canvas via sublimation printing and sell them to the people to generate revenue. There is a lot of creativity and crafting scope in sublimation printing on canvas, and you can utilize different ideas and designs to create something that people would love and want to buy!

13. Sublimation Photo Blocks

Taking pictures is a great way of freezing the moment in the form of a memory that you can cherish even years after. Photo blocks are a great gift that you can send to your loved and dear ones to commemorate the memories and cherish the moments spent together.

Creating photo blocks via sublimation printing is a great way of generating revenue as photo blocks are quite a trend, and people love to create photo blocks for decorating their homes as well as gifting them to their loved ones.

Photo blocks are gaining immense popularity as they are replacing the traditional trophies, and nobody gives trophies these days; hence sublimating photo blocks can be a great way of generating potential revenue via sublimation printing.

Final Thought

Sublimation printing is all about profit; you just need to know how you can invest your creativity and imagination in creating one of the best sublimation designs. You can use any of the best sublimation printing ideas given above to start a sublimation printing business of your own, and in no time, you will start generating revenue out it because the sublimation printing market is high and your ideas will sell like crazy in the market.

There are several different sublimation printing ideas, but you should keep in mind your skill as well as the sublimation printing devices; you have to choose an idea that is compatible with your sublimation printing machine.

One of the most important things that must be considered while choosing the best sublimation idea for your printing business is your targeted population. See if there is a demand for the idea you are going to work on because not everything works everywhere!


What sublimation items are likely to sell best in the market?

It depends greatly on where you live and what the demand is; however, in general, items like pillowcases, mobile phone cases, mouse mats, photo blocks, and T-shirts are likely to sell best no matter what the location is.

What are the most popular sublimation designs on the market?

The most popular sublimation printing ideas on the market are T-shirts. People like to have customized T-shirts and love to wear shirts with unique and stylish designs.

What is the best fabric to use for Sublimation printing on T-shirts?

Sublimation printing is all about bonds created between the sublimation ink and the sublimate material; the stronger the bond, the best your product will look with precise details and bright colors. So, the best fabric for sublimation printing on T-shirts is 100 percent polyester, which makes strong bonds because of the polymers and your sublimation designs look more beautiful!